Kettering Town Council Budget Consultation 2023

We are consulting on our proposed budget for next year, on the proposed precept and on the corporate plan that guides the budget.

Below you will find a link to our corporate plan and our budget, and a series of questions about what we plan to do in 2023/24.

We are asking for feedback on our ideas by Tuesday 6 December 2022, ahead of making a final decision at the Full Council meeting on Wednesday 18 January 2023.

You can also come and talk to us next to Poundland at the Newlands Centre on Thursday 17 November and Tuesday 22 November from 12pm to 4pm.

What is Kettering Town Council?

We are a parish council set up in 2021 after local government reorganisation. We have 20 elected councillors who decide what we do and what we spend. The Council elects a Mayor each year from amongst the councillors. The next elections are in 2025. Our decisions are made at public meetings which are open for everyone to come to.

What does Kettering Town Council do?

The council is responsible for a range of local services and activities - most council services are provided by North Northamptonshire Council - the unitary authority.

Kettering Town Council currently runs events, such as Remembrance Day Christmas markets and Bands in the Park, general and specialist markets, allotments, provides grants to local groups, Kettering Charities, the town lottery to raise money for good causes, installs speed warning devices, works to improve biodiversity and tackle climate change, supports the Headlands Neighbourhood Plan, has funding to improve local infrastructure such as bleed kits and represents local interests by having a democratic voice in local decision making.

We need your views

The Council is deciding its budget and activities for next year and we want your views on this.

Do you agree with what we want to do next year?
Should we aim to do something else?
What would you like us to focus on most?

You can read our draft corporate plan and budget then tell us what you think by filling in the survey below.
You don't need to answer all the questions or fill in all the boxes.


The plan aims to set out a 12 month list of things to do, within a five year envelope of wider objectives. It describes what the Town Council is for and how it might go about its work, and is updated every year.

Does the plan focus on the right things?

Are there things which aren’t mentioned but should be?

Are there things that should be removed?


We are planning to spend £400,000 this year, which will cost a Band D household £23.51 over the full year, which is 45p per week, or 6.5p per week more than last year.

Are we charging the right amount?

Do you agree with the headings in the budget?

Are there any things in the budget which should be changed?


We think Kettering needs some public toilets, with baby changing and disabled facilities. Toilets will be free to use, but the block would cost £90,000 and then £35,000 to run each year. The toilets will hopefully be located off Wadcroft car park and feature two cubicles. We have put aside £65,000 to complete the project in 2023. An artist's impression of the toilets is below.

Should we continue with the toilet project?


We are looking to increase the amount available for grants to £30,000 - a £5,000 increase. This will give £20,000 for grants to local organisations and projects and £10,000 for councillors to spend on very local schemes and projects - £500 per councillor. This list below sets out what the money has gone on so far in 2022. In 2023, one option is to have a smaller maximum grant that can be awarded - £3,000 instead of £5,000 so it reaches more projects.

Should we increase the grants budget?

What should the grant schemes focus on?

Is a maximum grant of £3,000 better than £5,000?

Have we got the right balance between grants and the ward initiatives fund?

Should we merge the grants budget and the community resilience budget (see next question) into one larger budget and if so, what should it be prioritising?


We want residents in the town to be healthy, have good mental health, be active, for young people to be kept away from drugs and anti-social behaviour, for people to be safe in their homes and streets, and to encourage people to be as sustainable as possible in how they live their lives. So far this year we have made the following awards from the fund:

What should our priorities be for this fund in 2023?

Should we focus the fund on the poorest neighbourhoods in Kettering or spend it more widely on projects which reach the right people wherever they live?

Should we merge it with the grants budget? (see previous section)


We set up the Town Lottery in 2022; it has so far raised £1,000 for good causes and we expect that to rise to £3,000 by the year end. The causes it supports are; housing advice and support, health and wellbeing ideas and more sustainable lifestyles.

Are these still the right priorities?

What specific things should it be funding?

How can we encourage more people to play?


In 2023 we will increase our spending on events by a large amount, to bring back Kettering By The Sea and to pay for the whole cost of Christmas festivities, lights and events, which North Northamptonshire Council will not be providing in future, as they have in the past. We also want to expand our events from 2022...

Should we shoulder all the costs of Christmas lights if NNC is not going to provide them?

What activities would you like to see at Christmas?

Should we bring back Kettering By The Sea? This will cost at least £25,000.

Would you like to see bands other than brass bands playing at Rockingham Road Park during the summer? What sort of bands would be popular?

What sort of public events do you want to see provided?

What should we do for the coronation weekend?

What sort of events should we prioritise and for whom?

Which venues should we work with?

Apart from the town centre, where should events take place?


Are your local facilities in need of renewal? We’ve got a modest fund to improve facilities across town.

Is this a good use of money?

What specific things should it be funding?

Should we be looking to focus on specific things which need most attention?


Covid meant the market has shrunk to almost nothing. We are looking to gradually rebuild it, and have had some new traders join. It still needs subsiding though. We have had more success with several events on the Market Place in attracting new traders who are local people with small or micro businesses - Kettfest, Street Food Saturdays and at Christmas.

Should we continue to support the market with a subsidy?

What does a good market look like in your view?

Should we relocate the market and where to?

Should we focus on craft markets in future, such as those which have worked well on the Market Place?


We have a modest budget to encourage rewilding schemes, tree planting and other measures which improve the environment. Our website has lots of advice notes about how people can become more sustainable in their daily lives. We want to make the best use of our funds to be more sustainable as an organisation and to encourage local people to do the same, and to have a couple of demonstration projects in place.

What things should we be doing?


All the allotments we own are well managed by local societies in Kettering but the Council pays for improvements and major repairs. There is a waiting list across the town for allotments.

Should we be looking to have more allotments sites – for example as part of new developments and at Hanwood Park?

Should we try and extend the allotments we have got now?


If there is anything else you would like to say, please tell us.

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