Residents vote “yes” to neighbourhood plan

Residents vote “yes” to neighbourhood plan

Headlands residents have voted in favour of a neighbourhood plan to shape the future of their area.

The results of the referendum for the South West Kettering (Headlands Community) Neighbourhood Plan have now been counted with 91% of voters in favour of the plan.

The vote took place on Thursday 27 April and was counted at Corby Cube on Friday 28 April.

The neighbourhood plan was brought about to influence future development and to maintain the unique character of the area.

The plan has policies which mean planners and developers should seek to:

• Protect community assets such as shops

• Maintain a thriving business presence

• Protect and enhance heritage buildings and the conservation area

• Ensure appropriate design to recognise the special character of smaller areas

• Protect natural features such as trees and hedges

The plan is the result of many years' hard work by local residents, The South West Kettering (Headlands Community) Neighbourhood Planning Forum, supported by Kettering Town Council and planning officers at North Northamptonshire Council.

Harry Frankland, from the forum, said: "We are so pleased that residents voted overwhelmingly yes to the plan. It means that we can protect this really special area of Kettering for years to come and protect it for future generations."

The turnout for the referendum was 23.8%, with 348 voting yes, 33 voting no and one spoiled ballot paper.

Posted: Fri, 28 Apr 2023 12:15 by Emma Dezelu

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