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Rights of Way

Rights of Way are public footpaths, bridleways, byways, permissive paths, and other such forms of access, as distinct from roads and highways, which are adopted by the Council (North Northamptonshire Council).

Problems with footpaths can be reported via the FixMyStreet website but if problems persist, then contact the Councils' parish path warden - see below.

Parish Path Wardens (PPW).

The Council's appointee as PPW is Jamie Wildman, who was appointed in June. He is not an employee of the Council; he is a volunteer. The role of a PPW is to act as the liaison point for rights of way (RoW) issues between Kettering Town Council and the rights of way services; - FixMyStreet and KierWSP who maintain highways and footpaths for NNC.

His jurisdiction as a PPW also informally encompasses the Rights of Way network surrounding Kettering Town, not presently monitored by other NNC PPWs.

Phone: 07838 266177


Also appointed as a PPW is Ian Gemmell, who is based in and focused on the north of town. His email is

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