South West Kettering (Headlands) Neighbourhood Plan

This plan is under preparation.


A "submission document" was agreed by the Town Council on 17th November 2021, which was the culmination of many years' work by local residents who drew up the plan with assistance from the planning authority (now North Northamptonshire Council).

The submission set out the details of the plan and how it had been and will be consulted upon.

North Northamptonshire Council subsequently produced a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Screening Opinion in accordance with regulation 9 of the Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes Regulations 2004 and examined the need for a Habitat Regulations Assessment in accordance with Article 6 of the European Habitats Directive 1992 and the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 1994. This assessment is attached below, along with the report.

A full suite of documents was submitted to North Northamptonshire Council (NNC) on 6th January 2022. NNC stated on the 11th January that the submission had met all the requirements and issued a legal compliance notification letter. A consultation period on the plan ended on 23rd February 2022.

Appointment of an Independent Examiner

Nigel McGurk MRTPI was appointed on 20 July 2020 to undertake the independent examination of the South West Kettering (Headlands Community) Neighbourhood Plan. The examination commenced on 25 July 2020.

Prior to the examination North Northamptonshire Council were responsible for collating representations made on the Plan Proposal submitted by Kettering Town Council under Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations (2012) as (amended) (known hereafter as the Regulation(s)). There were two responses and no objections to the Plan.

Regulation 16 Consultation Responses

These representations, along with the Plan Proposal and supporting documents have been forwarded to the Examiner under Regulation 17.

Examiner's Clarification Letter Received

On 29 July 2022 Nigel McGurk MRTPI submitted some initial questions to the Qualifying Body (via the Council) to inform the examination of the South West Kettering (Headlands Community) Neighbourhood Plan. These have been forwarded to the Qualifying Body for consideration. The Examiner's initial questions can be viewed through the following link:

Response to Examiner and Final Report of Examiner

The response to the Examiner and the Examiner's final report are shown below under key documents

Key Documents Comprising the Plan submitted to the Examiner

A series of documents are reproduced below - the first six comprise the package of documents that were submitted to NNC on the 10th January and the next two are NNC's legal compliance notification and checklist. The final three are the culmination of the examination with the final examiner's report provided.

Neighbourhood Plan Documents

Next Steps

the next steps are for the Town Council to adopt the changes to the report as recommended by the Examiner - which is scheduled for the Council meeting on 18th January 2023, and then to proceed to a referendum in late march or dearly April. Information about the final communications and engagement work will be posted here once agreed.

Agenda and minutes of the Town Council's Neighbourhood Planning Committee can be found here.

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