19th June 2024

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Businesses and grants

Below are set out sources of advice

Kettering Voluntary Network recruit potential volunteers for all sectors of the community and signposts them to local organisations or groups who need volunteers to help them with their work. Kettering Voluntary Network aims to support organisations in the voluntary, community and not for profit sector.

Kettering Voluntary Network provides a range of direct services to third sector organisations and works with them to support their activities through co-ordination, liaison, representation, advice and information.

Kettering Voluntary Network facilitates the Kettering Voluntary and Community Sector forum. Kettering Voluntary Network works in partnership with Corby Voluntary and Community Services to support the third sector in both boroughs including the outlying towns and villages.

SEMLEP works to build a strong economy by tackling barriers to sustainable growth and supporting job creation for the future prosperity of communities across the South East Midlands. A key part of this is providing support to businesses across our area which includes Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes.

We have a team of business advisers that provide coaching and guidance for businesses across the SEMLEP area. Our business advisers have a wealth of experience in business, many successfully running their own businesses, and all have come from working in the private sector. Their purpose and passion is to support business to succeed through whatever challenges are faced.

The team work to refer and match clients to suitable services for their needs, working closely with other business support providers in the area and nationally. We also inform businesses about opportunities such as funding, training, or exporting opportunities. Find out about the services we offer.

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