13th April 2024

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Kettering town lottery is up and running

Join our weekly lottery and be in with a chance of winning £25,000

Play your part in improving our town with the Kettering Town Weekly Lottery.

Funds will go towards health and wellbeing, help for those with housing problems, and making Kettering a greener place to live, work and visit.

There is a weekly draw with a possible first prize of £25,000, and a second prize of £1000. Every week there will be 35 guaranteed winners taking home prizes of £20, £10 or £5.

Just £1 for every play with 60p of that going to local good causes. (The rest goes on prizes and the costs of running the scheme).

Where the money goes

Kettering Town Lottery has been running since July 2022 and raised thousands of pounds for local good causes.

So far, the lottery has seen 71 local winners of £5, £10 and £20 prizes – with the £25,000 jackpot still to claim. The lottery has raised £3,500 in its firs year, with £2,600 spent on good causes already.

The lottery money has been awarded to the following local organisations:

Big Bubble Theatre Company

Theatre mindfulness sessions £1,000

Big Bubble Theatre Company ran workshops in local primary schools during Children's Mental Health Week, from Monday 5 February.

The Mindful Warriors workshops taught mindfulness techniques and wellbeing using drama, movement and music.

Find out more about the sessions.

Groundwork Trust

The hedgehog house has been built to be predator-proof

The hedgehog house has been built to be predator-proof.

Creating hedgehog habitats and a highway £600

Groundwork Trust has designed a robust hedgehog house that would last many many years. They came up with a design that would keep them safe from foxes who sometimes invade burrows with a second internal door/corner in the structure.

This has become a community project, with a volunteer building the first hedgehog house using high grade marine plywood.

Residents are also being asked to send in any sightings of hedgehogs to Groundwork from mid-March, after hedgehogs come out of hibernation. Groundwork will be gathering data throughout the year and getting more involved in the local community in caring about the local population.

Find out more about the hedgehog project.

Margaret Road Allotment Society

Peter New and Andrew Redden remove the asbestos web

Peter New and Andrew Redden remove the asbestos.

Removal of asbestos £1,000

Part of the Margaret Road Allotments site had been blighted with the asbestos for a number of years – with some being dumped and some found behind sheds or dug up from the ground.

Allotment field steward Peter New and site helper Andrew Redden were both kitted out in specialist suits, gloves, wellingtons and breathing kits to undertake the work. The amount recovered filled two large specialist removal bags.

Mike Thurland, Treasurer for Kettering Allotments Ltd, said: "Removing the asbestos is a really positive move for the site and will make it safer for everyone. Hopefully we have been able to identify and remove all the asbestos and have made the area better for both people and wildlife."

Accommodation Concern

Out of hours debt advice and housing help £1,000

A series of out of hours advice sessions were held to help people with housing, debt and benefits problems.

They were designed for anyone who cannot get to the help during the day – people who may be working full time and struggling with debt or housing issues.

Jo Moore, CEO of Accommodation Concern, said: "We are so aware that many people who work are struggling at the moment and can't take time off to try and find out their options, so we are really pleased to be able to offer this service to people who wouldn't usually be able to access us. With this funding many more people will now be able to sleep easier knowing they have support."

Sessions ran on Saturday mornings, alternating between Highfield Barnes Close Community Centre and Accommodation Concern's Meadow Road offices. Evening advice slots ran from 5 to 8pm on Wednesdays at the town centre offices.

Find out more about the sessions.

Kettering Foodbank

Operating costs £500

Kettering Youth Theatre Group

Pantomime rehearsals and facilities costs £1,000

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