25th May 2024

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Recycling in Kettering

Household Recycling

Find out which items can go in your black, blue and grey bins from North Northamptonshire Council. The responsibility for household waste collection, bulky refuse collection, recycling, refuse disposal and household waste recycling sites lies with North Northamptonshire Council not the Town Council. Please direct any queries about bin collection or provision to NNC on 0300 126 3000 or through their website.

Recycling Bulky Items

Understanding recycling labels

Recycling labels Kettering Town Council

For further information on plastic symbols, the types of plastic and whether they can be recycled locally visit The Sustainability Guide page on Recyclable Plastic.

Pro Tips

  • Leave your foil takeaway tins to soak overnight. After a quick rinse, you can turn these into a container for all your clean foil bits. Big chunks of foil are more easily detected by recycling sorting machinery, so we like to create these "foil burritos" to help out the tech.
  • Have extra cardboard that wont fit in your blue bin? Flat pack and stack it next to your bin on collection day.

Common Mistakes

  • Placing recycling materials in plastic bags in the blue bin (plastic bags are not recyclable)
  • Placing contaminated recyclable materials in the recycling bin (eg. Pizza boxes with grease on them, soiled nappies, food waste)
  • Only flush the three P's - Poo, (Toilet) Paper, and Pee. Wipes are not flushable even if they say they are, and they are not recyclable. Sanitary products, tooth-floss and cotton buds can all contain plastic. Any time you flush something down the loo, someone or something has to remove it in order for us to access clean drinking water and prevent pollution of our water courses and sea. Read more about the Unflushables campaign.

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