19th June 2024

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Popular flower displays to brighten up town

Popular flower displays to brighten up town

Councillors last night agreed to fund popular flower displays in Kettering.

Members of Kettering Town Council made the unanimous to set aside £28,000 to provide the summer planting around the town.

The decision was made as councillors agreed the budget for 2024/25 and after consultation in November with members of the public.

The town council will work with North Northamptonshire Council, whose gardeners will continue to plant and maintain the bedding displays for everyone to enjoy.

There are dozens of hanging baskets and more than 30 planters around town, including the historic horse trough on Sheep Street, nine flower beds including Bowling Green Road, outside the library and at the bottom of Northampton Road.

As well as these the 80 troughs on pedestrian barriers at key junctions around the town, will continue to be planted.

Some reductions in the number of hanging baskets, which had taken place in the past few years, will be reversed.

Leader of Kettering Town Council, Cllr Lloyd Bunday, said: "Kettering has had an exceptional display of flowers throughout the summer for many years, more so than any other town in North Northamptonshire, and we wanted to ensure the service carried on – this was the overwhelming response we got from local people when we asked about our budget priorities for next year.

"This way, we can protect the quality and quantity of planting and displays into the future, and maintain Kettering's leading position and its heritage. This is a Kettering feature which should be maintained locally. There is no doubt these displays are popular and they help keep everyone's spirits up."

The town council will review the scheme after summer 2024 to see what more we can do in future and how best to provide the service in the longer term.

Posted: Thu, 18 Jan 2024

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