25th May 2024

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Colourful art brightens streets

Colourful art brightens streets

The Kettering Civic Society, in collaboration with Kettering Town Council, has embarked on an innovative street art project, transforming three BT Openreach boxes into vibrant artworks by local talents Daisy Farrar-Hayton, Mark James, and Sally Leach. This initiative, funded by a grant from the Kettering Town Council and supported by community discussions and feedback, aims to celebrate the town's cultural heritage and local artists while adding a splash of colour to Kettering's streets.

The project sees Daisy Farrar-Hayton's "Pleasure Park Mural" on Masefield Road, celebrating Rockingham Pleasure Park; Mark James' "The Shoemaker" on Wood Street, honouring Kettering's history of shoe making; and Sally Leach's "Cafe Corner" at Oaktree Court, incorporating residents' wishes for a garden design while remembering the former bus station. These artworks not only beautify the town but also aim to start a trail of painted boxes, encouraging exploration through walking or cycling, and deepening community engagement with local history and art.

Before commencing the project, permissions were meticulously sought, and the Kettering Civic Society involved community groups to discuss themes and memories associated with each area. Artists then developed several designs, consulting with local residents to ensure the art reflected community spirit and history.

The Kettering Civic Society views this project as an extension of its commitment to fostering artistic expression and community pride.

Monica Ozdemir, Secretary of the Society, expressed delight at the project's commencement, stating, "Kettering Civic Society supports Kettering artists and thanks to funding from the Town Council, we are delighted to be able to engage artists who will be painting three OpenReach boxes. We appreciate the talented artists who have created their interpretation of a specific memory particular to that part of the town and hope to support more creative street art to flourish across Kettering."

"I'm so thrilled to be a part of this exciting project! It's been great fun injecting a bit of colour on the streets of Kettering, I hope mine and the other fantastic artists' work will make people smile." - Daisy

In addition to the ongoing project, the community will have the opportunity to see other local artists at work on 22nd June during Kettfest, further solidifying the bond between Kettering's rich artistic community and its residents.

The Civic Society acknowledges Kettering's many great artists having been involved in Northamptonshire Open Studios, when exhibiting artist's work in their community room at Kettering station. The Society supports Kettering and District Art Society and The Friends of the Alfred East Art Gallery in their voluntary-run ArtWorks shop in the Newlands Centre.

This street art project not only showcases the talent within Kettering but also transforms the town into a canvas, celebrating its heritage and the vibrancy of its community. Follow the project and support local talent on Instagram @ketteringstreetart

Posted: Tue, 9 Apr 2024 16:13 by Emma Dezelu

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