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Tree Planting in Kettering

This year for the Queen's Jubilee celebrations, the Queen's Green Canopy is underway to see the nation come together to plant as many trees as we can and bring more greenery back to our British landscapes.

You can get involved too!

Whether you are an individual looking to see how you can get involved in positive action around climate change, a family looking for a fun activity to do with the kids or a group/organisation, get involved in the community tree planting near you! There will be planting initiatives have been taking place recently in the Ise Valley and Northampton Rd Recreation ground, with more to come in November, when the planting season resumes.


November Tree Planting Dates TBC

Sign up for planting via the online form:

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Volunteers can plant up to 3 saplings per person. You can even indicate which species you'd most like to plant on the signup form.

As part of this initiative, you are also invited to take a free tree home with you as part of the ✨Big Tree Takeaway✨! There are a limited number of rowan, hazel, and elder saplings to give away to volunteers, so make sure you sign up for your free tree and get along to collect it as soon as you can, as for individuals they will be given out on a first come, first serve basis. Schools, community groups, religious groups and other organisations however will get priority, so do share the form with your local school or group to ensure they don't miss out.

Advice for Attending Community Tree Planting Events

Please bring a spade or trowel if you can (a small number of tools will be available to borrow, kindly provided by Groundwork Northants), and wear footwear and clothing suitable for muddy gardening.

Small saplings (also known as 'whips') usually do not have a high survival rate, which is why we plant them in big batches and often closer together, as a number will die. However if you can commit to watering your sapling and monitoring it as often as you can, it has a much higher chance of survival. If you walk in the area and take a large water bottle with you, it can be an easy and seamless part of a trip out, or a good reason to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors! If you take a bigger bottle than your saplings need you can also keep an eye out for any other saplings planted by the community that are in need of some hydration.

For more information on the Queen's Green Canopy, visit: The Queen's Green Canopy (

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