19th June 2024

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Budget 2024/25

What is Kettering Town Council?

We are a parish council set up in 2021 after local government reorganisation. We have 20 elected councillors who decide what we do and what we spend. The Council elects a Mayor each year from amongst the councillors. The next elections are in 2025. Our decisions are made at public meetings which are open for everyone to come to.

What does Kettering Town Council do?

The council is responsible for a range of local services and activities - most council services are provided by North Northamptonshire Council - the unitary authority.

Kettering Town Council consists of 20 elected councillors who serve for a four year term. All councillors are elected members and receive no payment.

The council has regular public meetings to decide what to do and how to spend money to support Kettering. Go to the calendar to see all meetings.

Have a look at our A-Z of Services to see what we provide for the local community.

The council offices are located in Headlands - go to our contact us page if you would like to get in touch.

Read our corporate plan here

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The council plans to increase its budget from £425,000 to £525,000 which would pay for the new projects listed below. Is this a reasonable amount?

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